Three Ways To Create A Focused Website

Ever been to a website that is just a mess of different topics and subjects? Did it confuse you or make you wonder what their website was actually about? When it’s difficult to figure out what a business is about, or what their website is about, it can make it confusing and difficult to pinpoint the point of things.

Knowing that confusion is really a great reason to make sure that your own site isn’t confusing and unfocused. Having a focused website isn’t really all that difficult of a task, as long as you stick to a theme, which would be your business’s normal focus. Focus helps your readers focus as well, which might lead to more sales.

Stick With Your Concept

If your business is cabinets then your focus should be on cabinets and places where you need cabinets, and maybe even what you put in cabinets. Make your main page about your business and something that lets people know what they are getting into when they spend time on your website.

Your about page should be about you, your business, and how you got into this particular business. And, like the previous paragraph describes, you blog should also relate to what your business does. Sure, you can cover tips on designing a kitchen, since kitchens have cupboards, but you shouldn’t have articles about visiting the doctor!

Cover Your Keywords

Before you decided to start using a particular set of keywords it’s likely you took some time to research those words to make sure that they are words people search for and that they are not keywords with a ton of competition. Once you have the keywords and keyword phrases that are ideal for your business you want to make sure you’re using them.

There shouldn’t be a page on your website that is missing your keywords. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Keep it to maybe one repeat each 100 or more words. Use them wisely and make sure that they fit in and make sense in the way they are used.

Talk About Your Business

You website should let people know all about your business, but your blog shouldn’t. Don’t use your blog as a place for self promotion. Instead it should be a place where you show your expertise. Tell people how to design their kitchen, including the perfect cabinets, rather than telling them about your cabinets.

If your blog is for a family doctor, you will want your posts to be health related and you’ll find tons of options, like how schooling goes for medical assistants and doctors, and even how to eat healthier to avoid excess doctor visits. There are so many options, no matter what business you are into!

The important thing is focusing on the topic at hand, while letting people know what your business is about and how to use what you have to offer. You will show your readers you are an expert in your field and it will help build brand trust and recognition.