5 Tips For Web Designers in 2017

In the world of web design, first impressions are everything.  If a site’s design cannot catch a user’s attention within the first couple seconds after landing, then the site will flop.  It is a big job, and it takes knowledge.

An effective web designer must be in tuned with current design trends and tactics to maintain the most up-to-date design tactics.  Web design is constantly evolving.  Here are a few helpful hints for web designers in 2017.

Simple homepage design

Super simple homepage designs are sweeping design trends in 2017.  More and more designers will strip down their homepages and opt for only a few words and images.  Just make sure to become well-versed on intellectual property laws before throwing any new work out there for the masses.

Typically, the bulk of the information offered by the company is placed below the initial opening of the site.  Keep the design simple enough to engage viewers, but not so simple to bore them.

Grids, frameworks, and pre-made themes

Frameworks and grids are progressively getting better through the years.  It is becoming more and more common for web designers to utilize these pre-made tools as a basis for their sites.  Tools such as frameworks streamline site development and save time on excess coding.

Companies such as EnvatoMarket, TemplateMonster, Bootstrap, and Foundation provide quality frameworks and pre-made templates that are beginning to take off in the world of design.

Google Material Design

The basic colors of Google Material Design were first released in 2014 and had only gained momentum ever since.  Google’s design goes back to the basics, focusing on simplicity.  Their designs are ideal for speedy resolutions and mobile versatility.

Though Google Material Design is not the only resource of its kind, it is one of the most popular platforms.  Check it out and bask in the simplicity.

Authentic Images

It is an obvious truth that people, in general, prefer authentic and original images.  Here are a few standard considerations when choosing images.

  • Are product images really appropriate and useful?
  • Use people to relay an authentic experience or story benefitting the product or service being offered by the website.
  • Utilize images to project quality. To do so, the images themselves must be of a high quality.
  • Use pictures to show the company’s ethics. What images show the heart of the business?

Parallax scrolling effects

Parallax scrolling effects were rather popular last year, but this year, coders are doing even more with the concept.  The new year is expected to see parallax scrolling that will move up rather than down and capture much more depth.  The more real a parallax looks, the better.

Nature scenes, as well as urban city scenes, set the mind towards another time and place.  Use images to project thought and emotion.