3 WordPress Tutorials for Your New Website

WordPress is one of the most common content management systems on the Internet. It is an easy platform that can help virtually anyone get started with a new website almost immediately. However, there are many things that can be done in the system that are not common knowledge.

WordPress tutorials can be very helpful when discovering the many things the system can do. For instance, many people use their websites to make money while blogging. The right tutorials can show how to improve content, search engine optimization and other tools available through WordPress. It may be possible to find tutorials to improve site performance even if it’s on VPS hosting as well.

Here are three tutorials that every WordPress user should read to help get the most out of their website.

  1. WordPress Lessons at WordPress.org

When looking for an in-depth overview and tutorial regarding WordPress, the Codex located at WordPress.org is rich in detail. These are tutorials released by expert developers covering a wide scope of interests. From beginners to expert programmers, this may be one of the best places to find tutorials for the popular management system.

The lessons at WordPress.org are split into four main categories: WordPress for Beginners, Designing Your Site, Lessons for Theme Development and Website Development. Each category has a variety of information covering various aspects.

Each section within the categories opens into a highly detailed page that is filled with valuable content. From learning how to write a post through how to manage comment spam, these tutorials are worth the time exploring for any new website owner. Even those who have experience coding can find valuable information regarding how to include code or snippets into posts or pages.

The tutorials offered through WordPress.org are delivered in more than 10 different languages. This is greatly beneficial for those who want to learn the system and who don’t speak fluent English. Simply select the language and the website will adjust the text accordingly.

In addition to the tutorials provided, users can also peruse through the forums in order to get even more help by experts. However, there may be times when the forums experience a lull in user activity. This will reduce the chances of actually communicating with someone who can help with certain issues. Luckily, the forums are also filled with resolved problems that may be of use to first-time users.

  1. Knowledge Base at GreenGeeks.com

The Knowledge Base at GreenGeeks.com is rife with information regarding WordPress. From the basics of developing content to SEO strategies and plugins, there is a great deal that can be learned from within this section.

With more than 200 tutorials to choose from, users can learn everything from basic content structure to more advanced procedures such as using FTP to backup and restore a website. Most of these tutorials use screenshots to give users a glimpse of what they should see during the procedure as well. In many cases, users can follow step-by-step with visual aids that can be greatly beneficial to learning how to use WordPress.

For those looking for the best plugins, the Knowledge Base covers some of the most effective tools to add. This includes how to install them and how to set them up to be effective. For example, a new site owner can easily learn how to install a sitemap and why it’s important to success.

The tutorials on this website use easy-to-understand language and are simple to follow. Although some of them may have a few technical terms, the overall appearance of the site is user friendly. In other words, a glossary of technical terminology is not needed when browsing through this section.

What sets this Knowledge Base apart from many others is that a lot of the tutorials come with tips and best practices. It’s more than a method to help visitors learn WordPress as it also focuses on ways to help people succeed in website development in general. This includes finding the best plugins, themes and other features of the popular content management system.

  1. WordPress 101 at wp101.com

WordPress 101 is an in-depth overview of what can be done in the popular content management system. Although this is a paid course, the information delivered is extravagant when learning the basics for WordPress. All of the beginner-level topics are covered such as learning the differences between pages and posts.

This course is filled with a variety of information for those who have never used the platform before. It combines a lot of information into one easy-to-follow tutorial that can be invaluable when learning the system. Those who buy the course can learn basic information regarding:

  • How themes and plugins work
  • How to customize WordPress
  • What the settings and configurations mean
  • The best tips and practices associated with operating a WordPress website

What makes this tutorial noteworthy are the videos that accompany the course. Each video covers a corresponding segment so students can either learn by reading or watching the examples. This is convenient as it gives those who want to learn the system a way to compare their own screens to that of the course.

Another one of the highlights of WordPress 101 is that the videos are subtitled in Spanish. This is great for those who want to learn the platform and who don’t have the finest grasp of English.

For those who need additional input, a Q&A forum is available for members of wp101.com. This offers even more information that may be tailored to a person’s unique interest in WordPress. It’s also a good place to receive expert answers to questions without fear of being misled.

Find a Tutorial Today to Help Build a New Site

WordPress is an amazing a versatile system whether it’s on a shared or VPS hosting platform. With the right know-how, it can become one of the most powerful online tools for individuals or companies alike. Learn more about what a site can do and discover tutorials that can help build an amazing online presence.