5 Must-know Tips to Build a WordPress Website

Building a great WordPress website could be a task. Not because it it process intrinsic but because its deployers are unaware of how to make the most out of such a splendid platform.

WordPress has its own key tenets- customization, aesthetics and security. Anyone who understands the importance of these tenets can unlock the potential of, what could be, a great WordPress website. However, to maximize the same, there are some tips that can ease the process of building the WordPress website after buying one of many WordPress plans.

Let’s cut to the chase and know some key tips as to how to build a good WordPress website-

Estimate your website’s traffic

In order to build a website, always start with basics like- what is the purpose of this website?, How many visitors will the website have in the first month, two months, six months etc. This will give you a perspective as far as your hosting needs are concerned. At times, people over spend on hosting plans without prior knowledge of their requirements. In the beginning your hosting needs may not be as much. Moreover, when you are just starting to build a WordPress website, go through some basic wordpress plans that will give you enough idea about the same. A basic plan starts anywhere between $2-$3.

Buy a WordPress.com hosting plan

Now, as admirers of WordPress, you may already be aware of the fact that WordPress runs a software version as well as a hosting version which is comparatively cheaper. Most hosting plans include a domain of your choice which can be availed if one buys a cheap WordPress plan. However, by downloading the WordPress’ software version from WordPress.org, you may end up spending more. So, it is advisable to buy an economically viable WordPress hosting plan.

In addition to this, ensure that you choose the WordPress plan based on how scalable the plans are, what specifications are provider by the hosting service and how good is the uptime given by the servers of hosting provider. These aspects will help you gauge the efficiency and service capabilities of the provider. Also, it would be great if  you buy a plan that allows you to park a domain name. It will help you sometime in the future vis-a-vis branding.

Choose a brilliant theme

One of the biggest advantages you can have as someone building a WordPress website is that you can avail multiple themes provided by WordPress. These themes are for free. So no more shelling extra money for the same. As you choose a theme for your WordPress website, do bear in mind that you choose a template that will be relevant to your category. By this, we mean that visitors of your website must know what your business is, what purpose it serves and how you are solving their problem. This may sound quite a mouthful, but trust us when we say that – a great theme is totally capable of impressing your audience with its aesthetics. So, going ahead, ensure that this theme is really outstanding. In addition to this, also check for the template’s mobile responsiveness, multilingual capability and platform compatibility.

Set up sidebar widgets and plugins

Widgets serve a specific but a very important function for your website, that is to provide design and structure to the WordPress theme. These widgets can be easily dragged and dropped to a specific widget area. Once you set up widgets, you can see a listing of the most recent posts written or published by you. You can also add content as well as features in the widget areas of your WordPress theme. In addition to widgets, you can also integrate various plugins to boost your website. These plugins range from social media to opt-in forms. You can add a flurry of plugins but do ensure that these plugins are really driving your performance. More often than not people end up spending on plugins which are not really relevant to their performance.

Maintaining security

Updates for security are quite frequent in WordPress. However, it would be obtuse to not take increasing number of DDoS attacks into account. These attacks penetrate deep into the crevices of the hosting infrastructure to worsen the system gradually. By integrating security add-ons such as SiteLock, one can prevent these attacks and protect the WordPress website. As a result of this, it becomes easier for users to trust the website and allows them to visit it again and again.

In closing

If you want to get started right away, you can avail some affordable plans for WordPress. A trusted name in the hosting industry that has provided many SMBs and bloggers with affordable WordPress plans is ResellerClub. You can avail some killer plans and get going in literally no time.

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We hope that most of your notions are cleared with this article on ‘must-know tips to build a WordPress website’.  We are sure that you will leverage these pointers to unlock the tenets of WordPress and make the most out of it.