How to Transform Your WordPress Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Every WordPress blog has the potential to become an extremely powerful lead generation system. However, many blog owners don’t use their blog to its full potential. Here are some of the most important factors you should consider if you want to transform your WordPress blog into an efficient lead generation machine.

Transform your WP Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

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Set Up Your WordPress Blog the Right Way

It is important to lay good foundations when you set up a WordPress blog. This initial work has the potential to send huge amounts of extremely targeted business leads and shoppers to your website. Eventually, you can convert these business leads and shoppers into email subscribers and customers.

Before you begin publishing content on your new blog, you should install an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that is easy to manage. Once this theme is installed, the permalinks setting for your blog has to be modified, to make your blog pages more search engine friendly.

Finally, you should install WordPress plugins that optimize your blog content, increase security, make your blog more sociable and allow for integration with the best email marketing tools available. When all of these components are set up, you can start to add content and drive online shoppers to your website.

Continue with Your SEO Activities

The initial search engine optimization work you carry out will send a certain amount of targeted shoppers and visitors to your WordPress blog. However, you can’t rest on your laurels and you will need to continue to optimize your blog.

There are two main ways you can achieve this goal. The first method is to keep writing and publishing high quality, optimized content. This includes your own content, but you can also add guest posts from other contributors.

Secondly, you have to create backlinks for your website. Back linking is the term used to describe links back to your website. These can be links you add to guest posts on other websites, links to your website from social media websites, and any other link to your website that appears on another website.

Send Targeted Traffic

There are many other effective ways to attract the right kind of people to your blog. Paid advertising like Google AdWords, Facebook ads and social media marketing campaigns all have the potential to send huge numbers of people to your website.

Turn Targeted Visitors and Shoppers into Subscribers and Customers

Sending targeted visitors and shoppers to a website is all well and good. However, once these people go to your landing pages,  you have to convince them to take some kind of action.

Some WordPress blog landing pages are designed to sell a product or a service. Other website landing pages are designed to capture the contact details of website visitors and shoppers with the aim of converting them into email subscribers. Either way, you have to give these people a great reason to deal with you, so that you can build a commercial relationship with them.

When you install a WordPress blog you are working with a blank canvas. Following the tips above will make it more likely that you will transform your blog into an effective lead generation machine.