The Best Free WordPress Themes for Your Website

WordPress provides you with one of the most convenient and flexible tools to make a website. Among other advantage associated with WordPress, many of the features are free to access. This includes many themes and plugins. Of course, you can pay for premium or custom themes. There are, however, a large selection of perfectly good free themes available. Some of these are specific to certain industries or topics while others are appropriate for general use.

When you install WordPress, there will be a default theme. There’s nothing wrong with this default theme, which gives you some options for customization. However, it’s usually preferable to replace it with a different theme. Many WordPress beginners don’t bother to change the default theme, which means there are a very large number of sites using it. There are plenty of other quality free themes from which to choose. The following are some of the best.

Daily Post

Daily Post is a good theme for anyone who wants to create a simple blog that’s in the form of a daily journal. This is consistent with the original idea of blogging as a kind of online diary. The format allows you to write down daily thoughts, ideas, poems or tips. This is for people who want to blog for themselves, friends or a wider audience.

Food Recipes

Food blogs are now very popular and Food Recipes is a great free theme to help you create a website of your own. The flexible grid layout is perfect for a site that features recipes. You can also feature enticing photos of your favorite dishes.


If you have or are planning to make a website dedicated to travel, Travelify is a great choice. It’s a responsive theme that’s highly customizable. Features such as social icons, custom logo and post slider make it easy to showcase destinations. It can be integrated with plugins such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. It’s also available in multiple languages.


Fashionista, as the name suggests, is a theme that’s made for fashion-oriented blogs. This could be a site that sells clothing and accessories or one devoted to modeling or the fashion industry as a whole. This theme is also good for any blog that uses a magazine style. This theme has Flickr integration, which is convenient for sites that use lots of photos. It’s also fully responsive and offers five custom widget areas.


If you have the right theme, an online store is one of the most profitable types of WordPress sites you can set up. Storefront is a theme that’s ideal for e-commerce sites. It offers multiple widget areas, layouts and color options. Because it was designed by the makers of WooCommerce, it’s perfect for integrating with a WooCommerce online store.


If you’re going to display many photos on your blog, you need a theme that allows you to do this in an appealing and professional manner. Pictorico is a free theme that’s great for sites dedicated to photography, travel or any topic that uses photos or where you are displaying a portfolio. This is a single-column theme that’s grid-based and set up to feature large images.


Just as the writer Ernest Hemingway was famous for his sparse and clean writing style, this theme has an elegant and minimalistic look. This two-column theme is primarily made for bloggers who want readers to focus on the writing and content with as few distractions as possible. It offers customizations such as multiple formats for posting, custom headers and several color schemes. It also offers custom widgets for Dribble, Flickr and video.


Unite is the free WordPress theme for you if you have a website with a wedding theme. Some couples build a website to celebrate their wedding. It’s also a good type of site for photographers, wedding planners and others who work with people about to get married. Unite offers a responsive design, unlimited color variations, social links and features such as fancy image slider, to make it easy to display lots of wedding photos.


Sporty is a theme for any sports-related blog. It’s highly customizable and responsive. You can upload lots of sports photos, links to social media, custom logos and headers and more. It also has ad management if you want to monetize your blog with ads.

Metro CreativeX

Metro CreativeX is a clean, minimalistic theme with fully responsive design. It works well with creative agencies and small businesses who want to portray a modern and edgy style to their clients.


WikiWP is for people who want to build wiki type websites. With this theme, you can build an online encyclopedia on just about any topic. It could be a wiki devoted to entertainment, sports, history, gaming, animals or anything else. WikiWP has a SEO-friendly theme that has code that’s clean and understandable.

Foodeez Lite

Foodeez Lite is a theme that’s designed with restaurants and hotels in mind. The theme has convenient features such as reservation forms for customers to book with you. Full width background image allows you to feature photos of your space or dishes you serve.


Lightly is a simple and elegant responsive theme created by FancyThemes. One of the advantages of this theme is that it’s optimized for speed. Having fast loading pages is important for both visitors and SEO purposes. Lightly also has social media buttons, a related posts section, home page slider and custom branding.

The above are some of the best free WordPress themes you can find right now. When you prepare to make a website with WordPress, the theme is the foundation on which everything rests. It’s therefore important to choose one that’s a good match for the theme and style of your site. One nice thing about WordPress themes is that it’s easy to preview them. You can also change themes quite easily if you find that a certain theme doesn’t meet your expectations. With free themes, there’s nothing to lose.