The Top WordPress Alternatives

If you want to create a website easily and affordably but you don’t wish to use WordPress, which is hugely popular and a great choice for many people who need to build their own websites, there are many wonderful alternatives out there.

The following information can be used whether you choose to build your site with the help of a talented website design crew like GO-Gulf Web Development Dubai or you’d rather use your skills to build your own site from scratch. Just remember that building it yourself may end up costing you more time and money in the long run, especially if you don’t have any web design experience.

WordPress Alternative

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One of the most popular WordPress alternatives is Ghost. What a lot of people like about the site is the fact that it’s built with JavaScript and Node.js, so it’s already optimized for scalability and performance, which means it runs faster than WordPress.

It needs to be noted, though, that Ghost is really only for those who want to blog and nothing more. It is not intended to be a CMS like WordPress. Instead, it only works for those who want to create a blogging platform that looks great and functions even better, with a beautiful yet simple user interface that allows you to compose posts without having to deal with annoying settings, tools, widgets, and menus that have nothing to do with your writing.

IM Creator

IM Creator is an easy yet elegant site builder that also gives you the convenience of templates that are already mobile-friendly. You can choose templates that fall into categories that include wedding, restaurant, hotel, and more.

The great thing about IM Creator is the fact that you get plenty of support if you are going about designing your site on your own, as opposed to using a design company like GO-Globe Web Design Shanghai. There are plenty of how-to articles available, along with manuals that can be used by those who want more technical details on how to build the best pages.

Also, to get started, you can use IM Creator for free, so this is a great option for those who don’t have a budget for a website early on.


For those who blog and who want to use a Google website, Blogger is the ideal choice. What many people like about Blogger is the fact that you can use Google Analytics without needing to use a separate website altogether to get stats on who is visiting your site and how often. You can also tie in your Blogger site with your Google+ account. And AdSense is also integrated right into the platform too so you can easily and quickly monetise it.


Finally, Jekyll is considered a static website generator. It basically takes your text files and puts them together to make a static HTML website that loads quickly. But you really need to know how to use the command line in order to make this platform work for you, so it’s best for web developers.