Which WordPress Design Tips Provide the Most Pop?

WordPress provides a number of tools and plugins to make it easy for users to create the best designs possible. There are many different ways to customize your WordPress website.

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Here are some of the best design tips to use with WordPress.


It all starts with hosting and when you choose the right hosting plan, you won’t have nearly the battles as if you choose a bad hosting company. You need a high performing hosting company with plenty of RAM, CPU throttling and all the resources you need. Whether you run a photography blog or a different type of website, the hosting will make a huge difference.

Add More Color

Color makes a huge difference and with the right colors, you can make your WordPress website pop. There are so many choices, but you want to keep the color palette limited.

Choose two main colors and add the black or darker colored text. The text needs to be consistent throughout the side. You can also choose an accent color, but keep your palette limited.

Images, Images and More Images

Images make the eye happy and you want to provide plenty of images on your website. Considering many images can be found free of charge for you to use, there’s no excuse. You can find images on Flicker under the Creative Commons license or on sites, such as istockphoto.com or bigstockphoto.com.

Sub-Headings and Bullet Lists

When you create content, make sure you use sub-headings and bullet lists. This makes the content easier to skim and read. This design tip will make a huge difference for your user experience and will keep visitors for bouncing from your site or blog as often.

Choose a Great Font

Plenty of WordPress plugins make using a custom font easy. This can make your website more attractive and can really make a difference. However, be careful not to choose a font that is hard to read.

Avoid Pushing Content Below the Fold

You want to avoid using a huge header, as it’s a turn off. Make sure some of the content is above the fold of the page on your website. This makes it easier for the user to find the content and read what you have provided.

Simple is Better

When it comes to your sidebar and navigation bar, there is such a thing as too many choices. You want to keep the choices to a manageable number so that your visitors can easily find the things you need. Make sure you keep the sidebars from becoming clutters, too.

Avoid White Text on a Dark Background

It may look cool to you, but white text is harder on the eyes. This type of content is hard to read and your visitors may think your website is from the 1990s.

Use these design tips to make your WordPress website pop. Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do with free and premium plugins to ensure you get the most out of your website design.