5 Ways to Make Your Website More User-Friendly

If you own or operate a business, you know how critical it is to keep your customers happy. One of the biggest ways companies are being made or broken is through their website design. Have you created a website that is user-friendly for your customers? Having a dated website that lacks professionalism and features can be an instant turn-off to potential customers. Included here are a few tips to increase the usability of your website and boost your clientele.

Add Shopping Features

One of the most critical points of user-friendliness is the ability to pay for a product online. No customer wants to visit your website, find their preferred product, and then have to call in or order from a catalog to receive the product. Offer shopping carts, favorited purchase folders and shipping from your website itself.

Be sure that payment for the products is easy for clients as well; don’t limit them to just a credit or debit card. Make your website friendly to Paypal, Google Wallet, or Amazon Payments as well as other options. Customers should also have the option to purchase gift cards and use them on your site.

Implement Online Booking

Have you ever experienced a dreadful day at work? You may come home and find yourself browsing tropical vacations online. While your rational thinking may override the need for a tropical vacation, your burnout and exhaustion may disagree.

By offering online booking on your webpage, you allow clients to book hotels, flights, and vacations quickly and simply. This can eliminate the “sleep on it” clause that talks most people out of a purchase; but who ever regretted going on vacation? Customers will also have the option to plan their vacation on their time, whether that means noon or midnight.

Offer Appointment Scheduling

Getting an appointment with your dentist can be nearly as bad as pulling teeth. You have to find some space of time during your busy workday to contact their office to schedule during business hours. If your clinic or health practice offers online appointment booking, you can easily schedule your appointments on your own time and with access to your calendar and schedule.

Create a Customer Support Center

Customer service has changed dramatically in the years since the internet has risen to power. Clients no longer want to wait until business hours to seek assistance when they are on your website in the evening. Consider implementing a 24 hour help line for your website or having a policy to respond within a set amount of time. This will encourage direct contact with your customer and they will gain loyalty and trust for your company.

Hire a Professional Web Designer

While everyone’s personal taste may be different, there are certain methods to web design that can appeal to everyone. You may think neon green letters on an orange background look great, but most web designers would disagree with you. Hiring a professional to trim up your site for usability, professionalism and appeal will help increase your site traffic and your revenue.