A Run Down of Django Hosting

There are a lot of specialty hosting services designed for a particular type of web application, or select users, currently available. The hosting services are usually based on physical servers (or clusters of servers) set up accordingly to allow the web application to perform at its best. In many cases, opting for this type of hosting is the best way to go. Aside from the more popular WordPress hosting, Django hosting is a type of service you should look into if you are using this Python-based web programming framework.

Developing in Django

Django is a very flexible web programming framework nonetheless. Written in Python, Django allows developers to make use of frequently used modules. Modules for handling common routines such as user management, content management, file uploads and many others can be called using simple commands.

The built-in modules allow web applications, even the most complicated ones, to be very light and functional. There is no need to develop each module individually since all of the commands you would need to develop a fully-functional web application are already available. You can instead focus on other more important things, such as developing a pleasant user experience or a suitable user interface.

So why is Django very popular as a web development framework? Django is developed on a very simple principle: if the server running Django knows exactly what it needs to be doing, it can run more optimally. Django allows server administrators to set up their physical machines for the framework down to the very last detail.

The fact that Django is one of the best-performing web development frameworks out there comes as no surprise. The same performance improvement is also the reason why more and more web hosting companies are offering Django hosting services.

Getting to Know Django Hosting

As the name suggests, Django hosting is a web hosting service designed for Django-based applications. The web hosting account, the virtual server or even the physical server is pre-optimized for the framework. Some even include added features such as advanced caching based on the commands available as part of the framework itself.

There are several features that make Django hosting different from conventional web hosting services:

– Django hosting normally comes with Django preinstalled. There is no need to go through the set up process yourself and you can start creating a functional Django web application immediately.

– The entire environment is also optimized for Django. Debian Linux shell account, MySQL or PostgreSQL, IMAP support and other basic elements are already present and pre-configured to work well with Django.

– Django hosting services also offer advanced access to server configurations. Nginx, for instance, is usually preinstalled. Unlike standard shared hosting accounts, you can set up your own Nginx configuration for optimum performance.

– Djangonical Web Interface. Yes, even the control panel of a Django hosting service is usually written entirely in Python using Django. The control panel gives you access to a lot of Django’s built-in features.

Other than these Django-specific features, Django hosting also offers something that most other web hosting services don’t really offer: support for more processes. Running multiple Django applications require you to run several processes at once. Dealing with heavy traffic requires even more server resources. The extra server processes supported will come in handy under these circumstances.

One-Click Django Install

Finding the best Django hosting service means gaining access to the one-click Django install script. The script makes setting up your web applications very easy to do. You start by entering the address of your site and the name of the Django project.

Next, you can configure the type of database you want to use for the project, along with the version of Django you want to use. Once these details are entered, hit the Start Installation button and the script will handle the rest for you.

As you may have guessed, a good Django hosting service supports unlimited Django projects, unlimited domain names and unlimited databases. With a single account, you can develop and run as many web apps as you like while maintaining a high level of performance. Access to other features such as cron and Django development resources are also part of the plan.

An Obvious Choice

For those who are developing web applications using the Django framework, opting for Django hosting is the obvious choice to make. Not only will you get a fully optimized server and Django preinstalled, you will also get the right set of features that will make sure that any app you develop runs smoothly and perfectly.

The cost of using Django hosting? Very affordable. You can set up a Django hosting account for as little as £2 per month. For the price, you get around 200GB of Django hosting space, dedicated amount of RAM for your long-running Django processes and support for a larger number of running processes for your apps. It’s just too good to miss!