Advice on How to Manage Time Effectively

Time is an extremely important resource, especially in the modern bustling environment. In order to achieve success in many spheres, you need to organize your time properly not to waste it. Time-management skills are usually not innate but can be developed if you know where to start. In this post I will share some effective advice which may help you to use time sensibly; this will definitely be useful during studies as well as in your life in general.

Always have a notebook with you

It’s hard to accept it but the truth is that we can’t be equally concentrated on many tasks simultaneously. Therefore, when you are trying to keep some important things to-do in your head, you can miss others which are crucial at this very moment. By writing down your plans you free your mind and can handle current situations more successfully.

While I prefer using paper notebooks as they can’t discharge or turn off, some may consider them last century. That’s ok as there are many note-keeping applications like Evernote or its alternatives, so you can choose what suits you best.

Set reminders

Our memory is not perfect, so we need to get reminders about our friends’ birthdays, deadlines for essays or some other course work, about products we added to the shopping cart but forgot to buy and that meeting which is scheduled on next Monday.

In addition to writing down the needed dates you can set reminders in Google Calendar or on your phone not to miss important events and deadlines.

Master long-term planning

I know that planning long ahead can be boring. It may make you feel as if you are trapped and not free to enjoy your life as it goes. Nevertheless, long-term planning helps to handle pressure and complete all things on time. For example, being a student you have to accomplish a lot of work during each term. By failing to plan your time and activities beforehand, you can find yourself struggling with all the course work at the end of the term.

Remember about short-time planning

All big tasks can be subdivided into smaller ones, this way they become much easier to complete.

You can create a scheme of your big goal and write down all smaller ones that will help to achieve it. This way you will be able to work at your own pace by accomplishing one task after another being in control of your time.

Mind your sleeping habits

According to some researches, a lack of sleep can result in productivity drop and problems with health as people who don’t get enough sleep are prone to different infections.

Moreover, sleeplessness affects decision making and thus can result in failures and lower grades that you deserve. So make sure you get enough sleep during the whole week, this way you will not have to compensate wakeful nights with sleep on weekends.

Leave time for rest

One simple truth you should accept is that you can’t complete all possible things that you would like to, there are too many tasks and it is easy to be overwhelmed by them. You should set priorities and work in accordance with them. Don’t forget to include leisure in your schedule as your mind and body need rest and change of activity to stay productive.

The mentioned recommendations will contribute to your good grades, health and overall achievements. Make these tips part of your daily life and you will see that using time sensibly will not let you down.