Away From Your Desk: Protecting Your Mobile Blogging Device

While you may have resolved yourself to long stints at the computer as part of your life as a blogger, we all know that new technology has made it increasingly easy for us to blog on the go. Even if you still do most of your design work or comment response with the help of your trusty laptop or desktop, most of us have posted at least a few longer updates from our phones and tablets while on the go. We’re busy people – the internet will just have to keep up with us.

The fact is, if you’re running a blog that you ever update with a mobile device, that device could use some extra security. And even though security can mean a lot of different things, the reality is that almost all of them apply to the care and keeping of your mobile technology. Here are some ways you can ensure your portable devices are well protected and ready to work whenever you need them.

Insurance 101

When you bought your phone, the person at the sales desk probably offered an extended warranty plan of some type. And if you’re like most folks, you quickly glanced at your new gadget and said you’d go without. But as Protect Your Bubble blogger Duy Vu explains, smartphones are fully integrated into our day-to-day lives now, and this is doubly true if you’re a blogger.

Next time you make that big purchase, take a moment with the warranty question. How much does it cost and how much would losing this device or damaging it impact your life? The answer is probably much more than you would like. A warranty may be able to save you much of this hassle.

Lock It Up

If you’ve ever updated your blog from your phone, you’ve probably left behind at least some traces of your login info. This makes it supremely important that you have a good lock code on your home screen. Don’t choose something that anyone can easily guess – the days of typing in “1234” should be over.

As a blogger, your business may also extend to some kind of sales function, and for many folks that means using your mobile device as a POS system. You don’t want anyone taking advantage of financial data stored on your mobile device, so a strong password is a must. Think about the potential damage that could be done before you leave your device lying around unlocked.

Avoid Conveniences

We use mobile devices partly because of the conveniences they offer. One of those is automatic connections to local Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, while some of these are familiar, secured networks that you’ve used before, some of these automatic connections are to unsecured networks in the area. These networks may be set up by fraudsters on the trail of data, and you don’t want that data to be yours. Turn this setting off on your phone and find your own networks – your privacy will benefit.=

Get A Case

This may seem like obvious advice, but the number of smartphone users toting their phone around without a case is far larger than it should be. You rely on this device for a wide variety of activities, including maintaining your blog, so dropping your phone and destroying the screen, really shouldn’t be an option, not when this can be so easily – and inexpensively remedied. Buy a case you like and use it! You can even go DIY on the design. There are so many choices on the market, there’s bound to be something that appeals to your aesthetic, as well as to your concern for your phone’s safety.