iPad POS – Is It the Future of Your Business?

You can hardly find a person who doesn’t have an iPad anymore. If you also have one, you may already know how useful it is and how many things you can get done with it in a relatively short period of time. However, there is one use of it that you may have never thought about: iPad POS. This is something especially important if you are running a small business and you need help to keep track of everything.


Why would you use an iPad instead of regular tools?

The best thing about having a POS of this kind is that you can use the reliable Apple platform to showcase your products and to make transactions anywhere, anytime. The main point of this method is to combine personalized sales with wireless payments, inventory scanning and retail workflows.

Show the customers what you have

Did it ever happen to you that you had to walk across the entire store with a customer just to show a product? You can eliminate all this time wasting and you can make customers happier by showing them everything they wish to see in a matter of seconds. You can use your iPad to show pictures of the products that they might like. You can shuffle between the different functions of the POS by a few taps.

Make a hassle-free sale

One of the biggest advantages of this new system is that you can make a sale anywhere, anytime. The system allows you to create a new invoice, process gift cards, manage customer information and make inventory lookups. You can run your business regardless of where you are: at the front desk, in the back of the store or a sale event. You can accept the signature of the customers on the screen and you can send invoices through email or print them wirelessly.

Think about accessorizing it

When it comes to accessorizing the iPad POS you should think about all those little gadgets that help you run your store. The POS is compatible with barcode scanners and terminals to process the information of debit cards and credit cards. Besides this, you can wirelessly send receipts to your receipt printer and get back to your customer in no time. Naturally, it is also important that the POS is able to connect to your cash drawer to make sure that you won’t need any other tools to run the business.

As an added bonus, there are different kinds of payments supported by the system. You can process credit cards, take cash and use mobile payment options such as LevelUp and PayPal.

Cross-selling made easier than ever before

It is common for the sales reps to have problems with cross-selling and in some cases these problems come from the lack of technology. Now the reps will have the option to use the iPad POS to search among the products and related products or browse among the most popular products. This way they will always have up to date information and they can offer real time information to the clients.

Managing and keeping track of your inventory

You can keep track of your inventory using the iPad POS. The system makes it possible for you to see all the items on stock and the orders that you placed regarding a given product. This is an important aspect for the majority of store owners and managers because they can be sure they never run out of stock. If they don’t have a given item on stock, they will be able to tell the customers when they will have the product on stock again.

Offering you details for financial analysis

When thinking about the special features of the POS, you will also have to consider the systems’ ability to offer you information for financial analysis. Most probably you are interested in the most popular items, the times of the day or the year when you make the most sales and the customer categories that you are serving. The POS system can offer you all these information and a lot more to make sure that your business and marketing strategy are up to date.

Do you have to be thinking about security?

The good news regarding the system is that it is totally secure and it is PCI compliant. You may also be thinking about your internet connection. If you think that it is possible for the connection to go down at any time of the day, it might be best for you to also have a 3G or 4G connection. As an added bonus, you will receive the full system so you won’t have to worry about anything regarding payments.

If you are thinking about modernizing your store, you should know that the iPad POS might be the future of all sales and it is a good way to make your complicated business life a bit simpler.