Free Web Host Services

If you’re looking for a web host for your website and you don’t want to fork out a small fortune for a service that you could potentially get free, it’s more than worthwhile taking a look at what you can get for nothing.

Web host companies range massively from free options to hefty monthly bills. The important point to consider is that if you do select a free web host, it will do all of the things that you need it to do. You might also want to consider other paid web hosting options that might be worth considering.

We’ve compiled a summary of some of the best free web host providers, so that you can decide whether you want to opt for a free web host or spend a little money to ensure the service will cover all of your requirements.


WordPress is commonly renowned for its blogging feature and is one of the most popular platforms available. You can get a better understanding of the blogging capabilities by visiting the WordPress site.

To give you an idea of its popularity, according to web developers’ dedicated site W3Schools, claims a whopping 26.6% of all websites are WordPress compared to the next closest Joomla with only 2.8%.

Its plugins are a major pulling point and its frequent version updates and many developments ensure that the capabilities don’t stay static. The analytics tools that WordPress supplies also impress users.


This web host service has been established foe some time and is considered to be one of the more basic options for free web hosting. Some of the big limitations are the basic statistics available and you don’t get a domain name included in the service so will have to obtain that separately.

The website builder does however allow developers to use HTML and CSS to customise their sites, which is great if you are adept at coding but not at all useful if you are not.


Weebly is another popular option and is particularly appealing for people who are looking for an easy approach to web hosting. Another reason that website owners turn to Weebly is for its eCommerce tools including the online store for businesses to add onto their site. Furthermore, Weebly offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth – you can’t argue with that! Weebly accounts for 0.2% of all wesbites, which may not sound like a large proportion but when you consider how many different services are available, this is still high up in the rankings.

Google Sites

Of course Google are never to be outdone by other technology providers and they too offer a free web hosting service. The main benefits of choosing Google is for its simple design requirements but perhaps more uniquely for its collaborative capability. Using Google Doc, website content managers can share content and allow editing by others. One of the less appealing facts is that it is more limited in terms of storage space, so if this is an important requirement for you then Google Sites may not fit the bill.

These are just a few of the more popular free web hosting services that are available in the market and as you can see, they all have a range of different pros and cons. Once you have identified your long term website/marketing plan, you can decide whether one of the free sites will work for you.