Why You Should Care About the POS Component of Your Restaurant Management Software

Having the right restaurant management software for your business can make a big impact on your bottom line. Managing payroll, HR needs, and tracking sales are all aspects any good software will address. Another area of concern to restaurant managers is the front end system that allows the software access to your daily sales input.  This is called the POS (Point of Sale) system.

POS Keeps Things Running A-OK

Maintaining order in what can be a chaotic environment, the best restaurant management software will utilize the POS opportunity to address a multitude of business needs. A good POS system is going to help every manager work smarter, not harder. Using that system to your advantage will enable you to stay on top of any problems and to stay ahead of your customers’ needs.

Some of the things a well-designed POS system will do are:

  • Enable customer ordering capabilities
  • Increase efficiency with communication to the kitchen
  • System tracking of various elements of the daily activities

As a manager, your best line of defense against disastrous shifts is using your restaurant management software to the best of its ability. Engaging in the complete training (like videos, training pamphlets and classes) when the system is installed will empower you to understand and use the software to your full advantage.

Engaging Customers, Enabling Ordering

Obviously, when a customer enters your establishment, your goal is to provide them with a great experience that exceeds their expectations. One aspect of that is taking their order and correctly communicating it to the kitchen. Whether you are a fine dining establishment, a quick service restaurant, or simply a ‘Mom and Pop’ diner, having a POS system as a part of your restaurant management software will impact your customers’ experience.

First, a word of caution: even the best POS can’t compensate for poor service. In the restaurant world, there is no excuse for anything less than excellent treatment of each and every guest who comes through your doors. No matter how good your POS system is, it is useless if your server treats your customer poorly.

A good server always:

  • Presents a Smile
  • Offers a Greeting
  • Maintains Eye Contact
  • Listens Carefully
  • Addresses Problems and Concerns Professionally

With the best customer service in place, you’re ready to see how the POS will make a difference for your restaurant. You’ll want the restaurant management software you install to include a POS system that has:

  • User-friendly display for faster order taking
  • Real-time capabilities
  • Online ordering and reservation system (highlighted on the restaurant’s website)
  • Ability to implement incentives that motivate higher sales goals
  • Higher processing speed for less wait time

Communication is Key

While your servers are the frontline defense against a failing business every manager knows that the heartbeat of a restaurant is found in the kitchen. The constant hum of machines at work mixed with the buzz of employees moving quickly creates a symphony of sound that is music to your ears.

The one sound you don’t want to hear is “this order is wrong” as a dish is returned to the kitchen by a server. Excellent restaurant management software is going to provide your kitchen staff with a clear view of what the customer wants. This will empower them to cook the necessary food with confidence, which translates into happy customers receiving their correct order.

What does every efficient kitchen wish they have?

  • Display monitor to clearly see the orders
  • Orders that are detailed but efficient (with consistent abbreviations and clear instructions)
  • No (or at least minimal) glitches in the software

Let’s talk about glitches for a minute. It’s inevitable that, on occasion, a problem may occur with your restaurant management software. Technology does have occasions to be less than perfect.

That’s why, when choosing the company that provides you with the software, it’s important to know your resources for help. For instance, is there a  24/7 help line, preferably bilingual? Before installing your software, be sure you consider how it will help you both when it’s working perfectly and when it’s not working as well.

Keeping Track Keeps you on Track

A final component of a great POS system is its ability to track various daily functions. Staying on top of certain aspects of your business will enable you to function at a more efficient pace and will generally give you an excellent overview of where your restaurant is growing and where it is lacking. Any way that you can implement time management skills into your restaurant, you should see a boost in productivity to reflect your efficiency.

Some of the activities you want your restaurant management software to track include:

  • Sales from your customer orders
  • Trends in your sales (both the growths and declines)
  • Inventory of product used and subsequent ordering of what is needed
  • HR needs, like time punches, labor costs, training hours etc

Whatever the needs of your business, implementing an excellent restaurant management software with an efficient POS system will make your job easier and enable you to run your day-to-day operations smoothly. Research your options before choosing the best system to suit your needs.