How to Choose the Best SEO Company Toronto?

The development of online marketing has changed to a great extent due to the increase in usage of the internet. Furthermore, the trend of service and product advertising has developed. Thus, you don’t need to move around in order to market your services and products. In this digital period, you can publicize your business to lots of people at a very affordable price. However, you can’t do this on your own. In fact, you need to hire or partner with an SEO company to make this possible. These services, on the other hand, are proven helpful. Nevertheless, determining the best SEO Company Toronto that will do the job can be a daunting task.

So to help you, we have compiled some of the important factors that you need to consider before/when hiring an SEO company.

8 Factors to Consider When Looking For an SEO Company Toronto

  1. Market Presence

Even though, this factor isn’t easy to determine this can help you especially if you do it in a right manner. By simply searching on Google, you’ll be able to find out the market presence of a certain SEO company Toronto. After which, you can see many links for the companies that are on pages rather than the companies’ website.

However, these pages have questions and customer reviews about your prospect or chosen company. By reading these reviews, you’ll be able to find out the company’s market presence.

  1. Rational Offerings

Look for an SEO company that offers realistic/rational results and do not use guarantees. Keep in mind that SEO is a continuing process and no one even the best agency has the ability to guarantee 100 percent success. Simply because search algorithms are beyond a company’s control.

That is why if a company promises you a surefire ranking then look for another agency immediately.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

When looking for an SEO company in Toronto, make sure to check or read the testimonials of their previous customers. Better yet, ask your colleagues or friends if they can recommend you to a good company that offers excellent results.

Otherwise, ask the SEO Company if they can provide you with their website analysis report and portfolios of their works. Testimonials that can be found on their websites are also valuable resources.

  1. Budget

Every SEO company is offering different digital marketing packages. For that reason, it is essential to check the different services that are included in the package. Most importantly, make sure that the amount you’ll going to pay is worth the services they are proposing.

  1. White-Hat Practices

Ask your chosen SEO Company about the type of strategies they are using. In addition to that, allow them to explain it to you for you to have a better understanding. Even so, any strategies that look disreputable or controlling should pose an immediate concern.

Decent companies, on the other hand, will have no issue answering your queries and explaining all the details about their approach so that there are no uncertainties with their practices.

  1. Certifications

Despite the fact that there are no SEO certifications, actually, there are standard certifications that several companies hold for PPC and Analytics. Even so, Bing, Google, and Yahoo have their own PPC certifications. Furthermore, agencies that have these certifications have proven their understanding of every search engine’s marketing platform.

  1. Accreditation

Many companies are utilizing black hat strategy to offer their clients a temporary boost. But, these companies are running off particularly if they failed and worst you can never hear anything from them again.

That is why inspecting your chosen company and ensuring they have credentials is very vital. Do your own research as well as make sure that the agency can demonstrate its accomplishments and knowledge honestly and openly.

Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Third party accreditation
  • Thought-leading and good-looking blog
  • Satisfied clients
  1. Results

Remember that, words don’t have value or importance if it is not supported by results. However, most people may disagree that tracking SEO progress isn’t an easy job. In order to accomplish this, you can use many different metrics.

A good SEO company in Toronto like Edkent Media is using various metrics wherein their customers are allowed to choose one in order to track the improvement of SEO. In fact, they will present you periodical reports to show the work and website they are currently doing. Either way, you can also ask the agency if they can offer you samples of the works they have done before.


There you have it the eight factors that you need to consider before/when looking for an SEO company Toronto. Make sure to consider these factors and you will be fine on your way to enjoying the development or changes you have been trying to accomplish.