What To Look Forward To At The Interop ITX 2017 Conference In Las Vegas

The Interop ITX conference for this year will be making its way to Las Vegas in about a week from now. The new conference will be a great spectacle for programmers and other IT experts who are looking to reinvigorate their skills and learn new ideas in this space. Interop ITX has been a major IT provider dealing in enterprise software for nearly 30 years and all that experience will be on full display at this year’s conference. The Las Vegas conference will be a little bit different though and the aim here is to make sure that people who attend get the most out of it. Some of the new changes announced include a lightning talk session where speakers will be allocated 5 minutes of presentation which will then be subjected to a panel discussion. There will also be new six-event tracks and a review board. The IT conference will be held at the MGM Grand from May 15th to 19th.

Thematic Areas Of Focus In The Conference

The main focus will be cyber security as an emerging issue in IT, data and analytics, cloud, IT infrastructure, and of course DevOps. In addition to this, this year’s Interop ITX conference will feature up to 130 sessions. The sessions will include panels and hands-on and speaker presentations. This is the first time the Interop ITX conference has been expanded. Organizers of the event say that due to the many arising issues and trends in the IT sector, it was necessary to expand the conference in order to accommodate these new trends.

Artificial intelligence and the changing face of cyber security are some of the new thematic areas that will be targeted in the conference. Cloud technology will also feature a lot more than the usual IT infrastructure and networking that has been part and parcel of the Interop ITX conference for some time now. The conference will also tackle Security Awareness Training head on. Organizers are looking to open the floor for panel discussions on how enterprises can be more defensive against cyber attacks and also how they can clean up once the attacks happen.

There are also sessions that will focus on what companies need to do at the moment to enhance internal security, mitigate internal threats to their systems, and also identify any internal employees or insiders who may be a threat. The Interop ITX conference will also be looking to highlight the shortage of reliable IT professionals in the market. This has been a pertinent issue and the conference will offer insights as to how companies can adapt to the shortage of IT professionals, how they can identify and train new talent, and of course, how they can maximize the output for the small number of IT professionals that they have.

Exhibitors and Keynote Speakers

There will be about 100 exhibitors during the conference. Among them, 18 will be designated exhibitors and will include major Technology companies such as AT&T, Kaspersky Lab, IBM, 128 Technology, and Extreme Networks among others. The keynote speakers will each focus on specific thematic areas. For example, Otto Berkes, the Chief Tech Officer at CA Technologies will be speaking on driving creativity in technology. Other Keynote speakers will include FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia, and CTO at VMWare Chris Wolf.