Mastering All the Angles: Top Tips for Getting Dramatic Drone Video Shots

Drones have made it possible for just about anybody to capture shots that not too long ago would have required the backing of a major studio to produce. These aerial devices allow you to see the world in a way you never thought possible. Whether you want to capture your local town, a natural wonder, or just something that you think your audience would find interesting, drones give you video capabilities that are simply stunning. To get the absolute best shots from your drone, follow the below tips.

Shoot at sunset and sunrise

While drones have revolutionized the way we take videos in many ways, one thing has not changed: the hour after sunrise and before sunset are still the best times to capture great shots. That’s because these are the hours during the day when the light is softest and shadows are not too harsh. If you are new to photography, remembering to shoot at these hours should be your number one rule.

Understand local regulations

You don’t want your drone to be the one that ends up on the 6 o’clock news for having flown dangerously close to an airliner. Stay away from restricted airspace, don’t fly near airports, and be aware of what local, state, and federal regulations you must abide by. Getting that perfect shot is not worth endangering other peoples’ lives for. Otherwise, you might face fines or even jail time.

Take advantage of movement

If you want to get the best shots out of your drone then you need to learn how to get the most out of your camera. That means learning to control your drone’s movements. You can usually get the best shots by keeping the camera stationary and allowing the drone itself to move in one long sweeping shot. You can point it down at the ground, for example, and have the drone slowly lift off to reveal patterns in the landscape or you can have it fly as high as you’re comfortable with and pan across the landscape for some astonishing images. Either way, try to avoid sudden jerks or movements, which are just distracting and unprofessional.

Focus on a particular feature

Another great tip is to focus your drone on a particular object in the landscape, such as a house, windmill, or barn and have it fly closer and closer until the object is in the foreground and then fly past it in a dramatic sweep. Alternatively, you can have your camera follow a road or railway through a dramatic landscape. The best drones with cameras can even automatically follow a certain feature in the landscape. Either way, giving viewers something to focus on makes your shot look far more cinematic and impressive.

Drones are more than just a trendy toy, they are completely changing the way we capture photos and videos. With a drone, you can get shots of places that were once considered almost completely unreachable and you can begin to see the world in an almost sublime new way. By following the tips above, the images you capture are bound to be jaw-dropping and unforgettable.