Remote DBA Experts Improve the Email Marketing Database through Ecommerce

According to a web study, the users are visiting the ecommerce websites but are not ready to buy the products. Most of the potential users are leaving the pages without buying the products. It was found that 88% users are moving forward to the checkout process and then finally abandoning the shopping carts without ultimately buying the product.

Remote DBA Experts

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Now, how can the email marketing help the ecommerce business to flourish? The hourly remote DBA experts –¬† are suggesting few ways that can be taken into account.


If you want to add some extra vigor and excitement in your site, running the sweepstakes can be the right decision. It helps in collecting various email address from all the potential clients. Provide some rewards and cash prizes so that the visitors get attracted at gaining something without any cost. The information collected through the sweepstakes will help in generating leads in the future.

Offers and Discounts

Select a target group and then provide discounts and offers to them. This will not only help to distinguish all the categories of gaining profit, but also attract the other group to be the part of the particular category. Only the target group will therefore receive the promotional emails offered with discounts and deals.


You can provide various shopping guidelines so that the users may not consider leaving the site easily. If the potential customers have already purchased the products from your competitor site, then the information and guidelines will definitely be beneficial for them for the next purchase. The manuals must be in a format which is easily downloadable and legible by the common users. This process will help in gaining the trust and the users will find confidence in your site in the near future.


Organize a simple contest where everyone can participate. A fun competition will definitely attract more users and therefore more email addresses for your future use. If there remains an equal chance for everyone, the competition will become more attractive.

Discounts for Limited Period

This can prove to be a very good marketing strategy where the urgency factor can be used wisely. It will attract the customers on buying the products immediately, even if they are not ready, within the limited period and therefore increasing the turnover very quickly.

Expert Advice

If you can offer expert advice in your ecommerce website, then a large number of customers can be attracted. There are many ifs and buts that arise during an online transaction. But if the expert can ensure the expected delivery time, shipping costs then various confusions can easily erase out. The advice can be installed in the form of chat with the users so that they can ask about their queries at any time of the day. This process can also initiate the word of mouth marketing and can differentiate your web site from your competitors. Building the social community and brand awareness can also be included in this process.

Blog Subscribers

The blog subscribers can be invited with their personal email addresses.  As the subscribers are getting updates of your latest blog, you can also notify them through personal emails. This is a very powerful marketing strategy that helps your website users to feel special. You can also build an excellent blogging community through your ecommerce store.

Now, start gathering the email addresses and flourish your ecommerce business. You can use Cyber Monday when there is the largest number of traffic in a year. Make full use and strategize your plans on gathering and using the email addresses of the potential customers for your ecommerce database business.