Seven Tips for Improving Your Website’s Design

A well designed website will better facilitate driving traffic, building a strong presence and increasing revenue. Follow these seven web design tips to make certain you gain a strong edge on your competitors.

Use a Professional Logo

Your logo is one of the chief factors that help to increase your brand’s awareness. Website design experts recommend placing a professionally designed logo at the top left corner of every single one of your web pages and making certain the logo links back to your home page.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

When a site is easy to navigate, viewers can find what they want without too much frustration and effort. It is advisable for you to deploy a horizontal menu bar across the top of your web page and have it serve as your primary source of navigation. Secondary navigation options must be placed into a sidebar. Make sure the same navigation options appear on each of your web pages so users can seamlessly navigate to where they desire.

Abstain from Cluttering Your Site

Because you do not want your visitors to go into information overload, you need to be mindful about site clutter. Do not have too many links in the headers and footers, keep your paragraphs short, limit your use of graphics and stay away from animation. Furthermore, do not have calls for action that compete with one another on the same page.

Allow Breathing Room

So your visitors can easily process the information that they see, you need to allow just the right amount of space between paragraphs and images. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one blank line between each element. This way, users will have a positive experience and want to return again later.

Use Color Wisely

Using neutral colors will enable your site to have a clean and professional appearance. It is important to use a different color for the headlines and graphics that you want to stand out so your visitors can grasp key concepts. Make certain that your choice of colors is also compatible with your logo as well as all of your other marketing materials.

Use Professional Photographs

Website visitors can tell in an instant when you are using generic pictures, such as those taken from a cell phone or other mobile device. Because you do not want a bad impression for your business, it is essential for you to invest in a professional photographer. If you cannot afford a photographer, then you need to purchase professional stock photos. The Washington Deluxe website is an example of how professional photos enhance a company’s image.

Choose an Easy-to-read Font

Many people today are using a variety of browsers and devices to surf the web. Because you want your website to display properly no matter how it is being accessed, you need to use an easy to read font. Sans-serif fonts are the most recommended because they are easy to read using electronic media and display nicely across a wide variety of devices and browsers.