Top Six Surefire Tips to Ensure Your Company Website is a Hit

Designing a professional website is not difficult. Key characteristics that a well-designed website must possess are that it is easy to navigate, is catching to the eyes and loads quickly. To make sure your company’s website is a hit among all of your customers, you will want to follow these six surefire web design tips.

Make Sure Your Code is Clean

When you are designing your site, it is vital to make sure your code is clean. Clean code will ensure that the search engine bots will be able to effectively crawl your website and enable you to better achieve a higher search engine ranking. Additionally, site visitors will not encounter any errors that will cause frustration, such as links leading to nowhere and malfunctioning buttons. To make sure your code is completely clean, you can run your site through code validation tools. These validation tools will let you know where there are errors in your code so you can quickly fix them.

Incorporate Accessibility Into Your Website Design

Accessibility is unfortunately not given much consideration by most web designers and developers. When accessibility is not incorporated into a website’s design, individuals with various challenges and impairments will not be able to purchase products and services or receive necessary information. The W3 Corporation offers sound advice concerning how to integrate accessibility into your website design.

Do Not Go Crazy With the Graphics

You may be tempted to splurge with all of the graphics; however, you need not give into this temptation. When there are too many graphics on a site, pages take longer to load and may not display properly on some devices. Only use graphics where they are absolutely necessary, such as when showcasing products and services and providing customer testimonials.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

Practically everybody today owns a mobile device. It is rare when people leave home without them. Because these technologies are so popular, you need to make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. Countless people do their shopping on their cell phones and tablets because these devices make it simple to purchase while on the go.

Avoid Clutter

You may feel tempted to get as much content on a page as possible; however, you need to steer clear of this practice. It is highly advisable to put no more than twenty links on a page. If you are listing products and services for sale, have no more than 10 listings on each page.

Forget All the Flashy Bells and Whistles

If you feel inclined to add a bunch of flashy bells and whistles to your website, such as animations, auto loading videos and flashy text, avoid the urge. Web design experts agree that all of these bells and whistles are an annoyance to most viewers. It is best to keep your design simple by adding crisp images, easy-to-understand text, functional buttons and navigation links to each page. The Urban Blog is a good example of a site that has an appealing but simple design.