Staying On The Cutting Edge

Technology Increases Every Eighteen Months

Was the prophet Daniel clairvoyant-is the end of the world near? According to ancient prophecy, in the last days, “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Well, cumulative internet knowledgedoubles every six months, and technology doubles every year and a half.

If you want to remain competitive in a world on the brink, that means you’ve got to work with organizations who understand the trends, are working with them, and can see what the “next big thing is” on the horizon. Consider cloud computing, for instance.

With cloud computing, terabytes can now be processed in real time. Petabytes are next, then exabytes. Basically, what this means is that information from regional stores across the country and world can be monitored directly, trends identified, and profitable practices immediately applied. This is called “Big Data”.

Big Data is changing the way the business world runs. In many ways, this is for the better; but smaller businesses must remain cognizant of these transitions or risk fading swiftly into irrelevancy. Following are several ideas to help you ensure your business is as visible as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google use algorithms to find information across the vast expanse of data which is the internet. In order to make your business the most visible to those who may be searching for your products or services, you need your webpage to be Search Engine Optimized.

SEO practices involve the strategic placement of anchor texts, keywords, and keyword phrases such that search algorithms find your site easier to recognize. But you’ve got to be careful. It’s easy enough to read a few articles and books, then believe you can optimize yourself. This isn’t wise.

Firstly, writing optimized content takes time, and has a process about it which isn’t always immediately apparent to the initiate. Secondly, there are ways that search engine algorithms prevent “spun” or “AI-derived” content from wasting peoples time in the SERPs (that’s: Search Engine Results Pages).

If you over-saturate a document with links and keywords, it will be shuffled to tertiary SERPs, and invisible to searching demographics; defeating the whole purpose of the article/blog/whatever content you’ve chosen to optimize. One of the wisest choices is to go with an online marketing agency.

Social Media Optimization

Everybody uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other programs today—well, except for those conspiracy nuts living in the mountains off the grid; but they’re not in business like you are. If you want to be relevant to the rapidly transitioning technological utopia of modernity, you must have a social media presence.

Managing this presence may be difficult. It will require regular posts at regular intervals containing actionable, SEO-rich content that appeals to the broadest demographic, and is unique to your business.

According to Brown Box Branding, a Seattle-based online marketing organization, “…social media marketing services are as unique as you are.” This means whoever you choose to work with must develop content, SEO and SMO solutions which match your business’s individuality.

This can be very difficult, and requires finding services that back up their offerings with statistics and success.

Website Design

Your website needs to come out of the nineties or early oughts if it has yet to make the transition. Find an agency can help you optimize your online portal to consumers such that it matches burgeoning trends.

Consolidating Methods

The best way to get current and remain current is to “cast your bread upon the waters”. You don’t know what’s going to prosper, in the end; so use multiple means of approach. SEO, SMO, and website design should all play a part in your contemporary online marketing strategy.