Shooting the Milky Way and the Man in the Moon: Nighttime Photography Tips and Tricks

If you enjoy heading out into the great outdoors, you will no doubt have marvelled at the night sky on more than one occasion. When you are far away from city lights and the Milky Way illuminates the sky in its full glory, there is nothing quite like it.

But what if you want to capture this stunning celestial scenery on your camera? There is a lot involved in taking impressive night photographs, and here are some tips for the next time you head outdoors at night with your camera.

Choose the Right Camera and Lens

First of all, you will want to make sure you have the right kit, including a good camera and a high-quality lens. This is the most important thing when it comes to night photography tips. The camera will need to have manual control over shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, so a DSLR is the best option.

As for the lens, a wide-angle is essential and a fast one as well. Read up on some of the latest reviews about the best lenses for photographing the night sky because new products are being released all the time.

Invest in a Good Tripod

As well as the camera and lenses, the other thing you will absolutely need is a good tripod. You simply cannot take clear photographs at night without one. You will be exposing your photographs for longer, and that means the camera will shake too much if you hold it in your hands.

Choose the Ideal Location

Once you have all your kit, find a good place early on and choose your ideal scenery. For example, you might want to get some mountain scenery into the shot.

You will want to head far away from towns or cities, ideally in Jeep Wrangler or something similar, and head out into the country far away from any light pollution.

Cameras pick up on light pollution more than your eyes do, so you really need to get somewhere pitch black. If you live near to a national park, this could be a good option.

Get Help from an App

When you are choosing your location, you might want to use an app to help you set up the perfect shot. An app that includes a map of the stars will make it much easier to find out where the Milky Way is, or where the moon is set to rise. There are lots of good apps to choose from, and they will make planning your shots much easier.

Create Special Effects

One thing you might want to do is create some special effects like star trails. Simply set the lens to focus on infinity, use a wide aperture, and hold the shutter open using a remote release. Keep it open for a up to half an hour, and as the Earth spins, the stars will move and create trails in the sky.

Take Amazing Moon Photographs

If you want to photograph the moon, first find out where it rises so you can prepare properly. You will want to use a telephoto lens to zoom in and make the moon look larger, and this will allow you to get some stunning shots of the moon.

Capture the Beauty of the Night Sky

If you want to take photographs of the stars and the moon on your outdoor adventures, these tips will help you to do that. Make sure you invest in the right equipment, then practice taking photographs of the stars and watch your skills improve. Taking night photographs can add another element to your outdoor adventure trips, so get practicing and see what you can do.

Rick Jones is an amateur photographer who is also a star gazer – Being able to combine both of his hobbies is a dream come true for Rick. He shares some photography tips and tricks in his articles.