Up and Coming Website Design Trends for 2015

To keep consumers interested in what they have to offer, businesses must continually improve upon their digital information. Today’s customers are using technology more than ever and good web design can make the difference in whether or not a visitor makes a purchase or makes a service request from a company. The trends for website design in 2015 are all related to the creation of websites that are interactive and responsive to a customer’s needs.

Clean Designs

According to this article on VAR Guy, clean and minimalist designs will be the leading website look for 2015. Users want to find small bits of clearly presented material. Creative use of white space allows website designers to play with the typography and use splashes of color such as in the organization’s logo. This non-cluttered approach makes it easy for consumers to find the products, information or services they’re looking for on a website.

Audio – Visual Engagement

Reading words on a page isn’t enough for today’s savvy internet searchers. Consumers expect fully integrated information and this includes audio and visual engagement. Embedded videos allow organizations to demonstrate their products or provide tips and hints on usage, maintenance and storage. Businesses that offer services can demonstrate on video how consumers are better off when they purchase those services. Even business-to-business benefits from website design that includes videos because they increase awareness and engagement. To make the most of embedded videos, businesses must make sure that their information is friendly to the users of mobile devices.

Card Design Layouts

Websites for B2B and B2C clients are building their design platforms on cards. A card design layout allows users to gain access to bursts of information that appear just when the user needs them. The neatly organized blocks of content also make it easy for internet users on mobile devices to read about the news, products and services that a business has to offer.

3-D Scrolling

Three dimensional scrolling, also known as parallax scrolling, is one of the latest inventions in website graphic design. In this technique, a user scrolling through the page will notice that the background moves at a slower rate than the text that he or she is reading. Smooth animations add an element of depth to the page and make it easier for the user to concentrate on the content rather than the sidebars. This type of consumer-centric design makes for a pleasant site visit for customers.

Responsive Designs

Websites that are both intuitive to the user’s needs and responsive to the customer’s actions are the top trend for 2015 website design. Responsive websites use flexible coding that allows the content and layout to be adjusted based upon the device that the consumer is using to access the site. The text on a responsive website is always clear and images are always concise. As consumers increasingly access the internet on smart phones and other mobile devices, businesses must use this web design technique.