Why Professionals are Choosing Magento for Ecommerce

The days of using software such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver to create a simple website are over. It would be almost impossible to survive in the incredibly competitive online world these days while clinging to old technology. The professionals and major players in your industry are most likely already using newer CMS (content management systems) to deliver fresh and modern looking websites that capture the eye of potential customers.

Magento for Ecommerce

Screenshot by Antonio Pardo

Built On Solid Framework

Using the time tested and battle hardened elements of PHP and MySQL among others, the Magento content management system rests on very solid ground. PHP is the programming language, and it is used behind the scenes of just about every website you go to because of its high speed performance and reliability. MySQL is the database that stores and retrieves all of the information that a website needs to process for each visitor, and it is also widely used across all online industries.

Ability to Customise

The degree to which your Magento ecommerce site can be customised is basically only limited by the creativity of the design team you hire to put it in place. There are many themes and modules that already exist with which you can change the look and function of your site, but of course if you want to be truly unique you can bring your own tools to the table or hire a professionally certified Magento developer to really bring your ideas to life. It takes two or more years to become certified in this aspect of ecommerce, so it probably wouldn’t be feasible for you to dedicate this much time to it yourself rather than hiring someone.

Constantly Evolving

The Magento CMS is always receiving updates and additions so that it never becomes stale and stagnant, and so that any security issues can be addressed immediately. Every business owner dreams of that day when their product or service becomes so popular that they simply can’t keep up with the demand any more, and with this CMS you will have nothing to fear from that. When the time comes to scale up your website or change requirements in any way, Magento can be adapted to meet those future needs without scrapping the whole site and starting over again.

Plays Well With Others

Magento fits in well with other technologies that may be used on your server or website, and it can also integrate well with outside tools. For example, you will probably want to use things like Google Analytics or other tracking and marketing tools. You will also most likely want to have some way of inserting advertisements in various places on your pages to earn a little extra money, and this CMS is completely ready to do so without a struggle.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose this popular content management system for your ecommerce site, but they are perhaps better explained by seeing it in action for yourself. There is a large community of Magento users online, and many sites and forums to go to when you need help or clarification on something, so you won’t be alone in the dark once your business has been set up.