WordPress SEO is Much More Complicated than You Think

Most SEO specialists out there recommend the use of WordPress as a great CMS system that is perfect for optimization. The problem is that they do know what has to be done in order to properly set up everything and, unfortunately, the exact same thing cannot be said about most site owners out there. It is really important that you learn all that you can about the options that are available for you.

SEO is becoming more complicated every single day and search engines like Google do all that they can in order to bring in relevant results. This means that the search ranking algorithms get more and more complicated. When using WordPress, you may end up making various mistakes without even knowing that they are mistakes. We should highlight some of the common problems that appear so based on the experience of SEO Australia Magicdust services, we can highlight the following.

Duplicate Content

The tags and the category pages that are automatically created in WordPress can easily get out of control. When you add too many tags to a post and you do not use categories properly, you can end up faced with dozens of pages that have the exact same content. When search engines identify them, they will list them as duplicate content, thus hurting your overall rankings.

Too Many Inbound Links

As you add internal links towards important posts, which is one thing that is always recommended, you can end up missing on the links that automatically appear and that simply become too numerous. It is so easy to end up with a WordPress page that has over 50 internal links on it. This is a huge mistake, one that will hurt the overall SEO structure of your site. Do try to use breadcrumbs only when necessary and limit the internal links as much as possible. You should aim for a maximum of 20 on one page. This includes your navigation menu and your tags.

Themes That Are Not Responsive

We are moving towards the age of smart mobile device use. This is quite normal and it automatically means that changes have to be made to the themes that are not built in a responsive manner. So many site owners end up faced with problems as they have a theme that is not responsive. Nowadays, this actually hurts search engine rankings.

Improper Sitemaps

Search engines now use sitemaps in order to get to site content that may not be accessible. This is really important. You have to always be sure that your sitemap is built correctly. Unfortunately, many just take the sitemap settings associated with the SEO plugin installed as the best ones and never actually make modifications. You need to always use the best one and check your sitemap, exclude duplicate content pages and simply be sure that only the best pages are included in a proper arrangement.

On the whole, WordPress SEO is complicated and it keeps getting more complicated as time passes. While it is true that the CMS system is the best one available, you can make various modifications to make the SEO structure of your site a lot better.