15 Free PSDs for Website Menus and Navigation Bars

Are you looking for the right website menu or navigation bar design? Sometimes, the templates that come with your web hosting package and the free themes in CMS marketplaces may not hit the mark for you. If you don’t want to design something yourself, the simple solution is to look for free PSDs that you can use or edit.

Here are some great ones to start off your search in the right direction.

1. Design Beep

This set of PSDs by Design Beep is a simple design that can work for small sites. It’s perfect for small online stores, small to medium sized brands and simple professional sites. It has a retro feel that many people take a liking to.

2. Duckfiles

If you have a lot of content and you feel like you need to use collapsing menus, this drop down navigation bar by Duckfiles will do the trick. It’s a clean and simple design that offers unlimited levels.

3. Slick Menu

Slick menu is a rounded website menu that has a bright and slick look. It comes in many different colors, so you can plug the design into many different types of sites.

4. Graphics Fuel

This ribbon style website menu has a modern and professional look. It centers around an area in the middle where you can put your logo. If you haven’t created a logo yet or like the logo being centered, this can serve as a great website menu.

5. Download PSD

Download PSD as a set of different navigation bar PSDs that you can choose from. There’s a wide variety of styles, fonts, drop down navigation options and button sizes in this collection. Some look better than others but it’s a solid collection overall.

6. Dark Button Navigation by Premium Pixels

If you’re looking for a simple dark colored website menu, Premium Pixels has a great one you can choose. It is all in gray scale and has a clear hover/active graphical presentation which helps user distinguish where they are on your site.

7. Clean and Simple by Premium Pixels

Sometimes, all you need is a simple and clean navigation so that you can focus on helping your users get around your site. This is a black and white navigation bar that has a clean and readable font that can fit in a wide variety of sites.

8. Rocket Nav on Dribbble

This website menu is done in a flat design. It can be set up both horizontally and vertically to fit all your needs. It uses a grey font on a white background which lights up the font in the color of your choice when you hover over it for clarity.

9. Responsive Navigation Bar by Freebies Gallery

This is a vertical navigation bar that is designed for responsive sites. The great thing about is it that there is a logo-only version which can help decrease the real estate the navigation takes on mobile devices.

10. Mega Menu Navigation by VictorSoSea

Do you have large eCommerce or content site? If so, this mega menu navigation is perfect because you can set up multiple rows in your drop down menus. It’ll provide plenty of space to fit in a large number of links.

11. Flat Nav on Dribbble

This is another flat design horizontal website menu that can work for many darker colored sites. It also has some great social media icons with a mouseover action graphic that accompanies each icon.

12. Bank Accordian by This Looks Great

This accordian style website menu can work great as a UI for SAAS or membership site websites like a web hosting control panel. It has some great icons accompanying the menu and has a really clean design.

13. Icon Driven Navigation Bar on Dribbble

While this navigation bar is movie themed, it can work on any site. It uses an icon driven navigation which has a small mouseover label that shows you where the icon will take you. You can easily find different labels online and integrate it into this PSD.

14. Flat UI Kit on Dribbble

This is another icon driven navigation bar done in flat design. The page name is listed under each icon, so it will take up a bit more screen real estate than the last example. The icons are also designed for the average site.

15. Free PSD Template on Behance

This responsive website menu has a white font on black background that lights up in the color you want on the mouseover. It is actually an entire template and it comes with many great fonts, layouts, tables and colors. This can easily be your entire site if you like the design.

Those are just some of the many free PSDs that you can use for website menus and navigation bars. There are many free PSDs out there but many of them also tend to be of low quality. The only downside to free PSDs is that there are so many available. You can to really take your time to find a PSD that fits the color scheme, design style and font of your desired website design.