A Guide to Starting an Online T-Shirt Printing Business

Online t-shirt printing is an industry that has already gained a total of $441 million. It is presently enjoying an annual growth of 9.4%. These facts indicate that the online printing business is garnering more and more attention. Services like print on demand with Printify have made it easy by helping increase the revenue and client base of aspiring entrepreneur.

If you are planning on starting an online t-shirt printing business but don’t know how, you came to right place. This article will be talking about the things you need to consider before opening your own shop.

Think Positive

Positive thinking is an important mindset when starting any online business. With large brands such as Stussy and Johnny Cupcakes, competition in the market may seem daunting. However, according to Ngan Ton who wrote Learn How 5 Famous T-shirt Brands Achieved Success, these brands also started from the bottom. Instead of drowning yourself in frustration, embrace the challenge and turn it into inspiration.

Develop Your Niche

BustedTees, another famous brand, entered the market with niche products. Niche is the product feature that targets specific customer needs or wants. The following tips are effective if you want to enter a niche market:

  • Know your demographics

Understand the target audience. Research their interests, status, and income. Conduct interviews with people who can be classified under this category.

  • Set your prices

Once you know your target population, you have to set your prices accordingly. Can the majority of the target market afford your products? If not, adjust.

  • Maintain your production quality

The production quality should be consistent. The individual products must be of good quality for the sake of credibility. The delivery should be on time, if not earlier than the agreement.

Creating Your Designs

Stick to the interests of your demographic and produce high-quality designs. If you create designs without your customers in mind, you will only waste your efforts and resources. How can you provide high-quality design, you ask?

  • Consider the fabric you use

Experts suggest 100% cotton is better when printing since it makes the design look clean and simple. Avoid fabrics that crease easily and appear transparent under bright light. Check for loose threads as well as this is yet another red flag.

  • Choose your Ink

The most common ink is water-based. They last a long time and do not fade after wash. Plastisol ink is also usually used by professionals due to its versatility and durability.

  • Choose your Printing Method

Printing methods include screen printing, direct to garment (DGT), sublimation printing, CAD Cut Vinyl Printing, and transfer paper method. Experiment to find out which method works best for your design.

  • Publish a Website

Once you’ve finalized your plans and design, it is time to publish a website. Ensure that you have strong online visibility, professional branding, regular interactions with the customers, and a reliable communication system. Post your designs and share the link to your social media accounts. You can also open a shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.


In the end, this guide is only helpful in the beginning. You will learn things as you go so feel free to adjust the aforementioned tips to suit your business style. After all, the success of your online t-shirt business ultimately depends on your own determination and effort.