8 WordPress SEO Plugins to Track Keywords and Bring More Traffic

When creating a website from WordPress, you need to have the right tools available. One of the first things to look into is the right SEO strategy built around keyword research and monitoring.

Fortunately, WordPress has a wide array of plugins and tools available to track keywords and optimize your website easily. If you’re wondering what’s worth getting and using, read on to see the top eight WordPress SEO plugins and tools!

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Track Keywords

These are the WordPress SEO plugins and tools you should consider downloading for keyword tracking and SEO improvement:

  • Google Search Console

This is a free tool Google offers that help website owners maintain and monitor their website presence in search engine results pages.

The tool calls you when Google can’t crawl and/or index your webpages. Plus, they also offer helpful tips to fix any crawl errors you have.

As for keyword tracking, it shows the keywords your site ranks for, as well as other details about keywords like:

  • Anchor texts
  • Average position
  • Impressions
  • And more factors

This will allow you to find the keywords you rank higher for and to optimize your content with it. Plus, you can use high-ranking keyword data for new content ideas!

  • Ahrefs

You will love this all-in-one SEO tool made for bloggers, businesses, and marketers alike! This is a great alternative to SEMRush (which I’ll mention later), as they both offer similar features and tools.

Ahrefs allows you to conduct keyword and backlink research, competition analyses, monitor your keyword rankings, and a lot more.

Its main feature is the detailed content analysis, allowing you to find ways to improve existing and future content as you target certain keywords.

What it does best in is content analysis to help build partnerships and receive more backlinks. Plus, it also helps you see what content your competitors rank for to use keywords and create content around that area for more exposure.

  • SEOQuake

SEOQuake provides any SEO-related information for websites, from your page age, health, last updates, Alexa rank, among various parameters. It’s one of the most popular and downloaded add-ons by SEO professionals, actually!

Besides the website details, this tool can also show you data search results when typing in a certain keyword. This is great to track keywords, seeing if you’re gauging any competition for them. They offer the keyword data in CSV format so you can make excel sheets of the search data.

  • SEMRush

This is probably one of the best SEO tools available today, used by marketers, businesses, bloggers, even SEO experts like Joel House SEO Brisbane! It provides various tools to help grow one’s traffic.

With this tool, you can find search terms and organic keywords you rank for. Plus, you can do competitive research to see the keywords your competitors rank for and figure out ways to outrank them.

The tool also has an SEO Writing Assistant Tool to improve existing and future content, beating out the top ten search results around your focus keyword.

  • Yoast SEO

This is probably the most popular WordPress SEO plugin to date! It’s the complete website optimization tool that helps improve one’s website and helps you track keywords to ensure they are in the right place and in a good amount.

Yoast SEO helps you add SEO titles and descriptions across all your webpages and posts. You’re also able to use it when adding Open Graph metadata and/or social media images to articles. It can even generate XML sitemaps automatically for search engines to easily crawl your site.

Plus, it can help import SEO data if you use other SEO plugins as well. While they are great in showing your suggestions on your keyword usage, they aren’t the best in terms of content analysis.

  • All-in-One SEO Pack

You’ll like the popular WordPress SEO plugin, as it offers a comprehensive set of features that helps improve one’s website. It will help you add your SEO title and meta tags, XML and image sitemaps, open graph meta tags, and more.

And because it focuses on SEO, you can also check in with your keywords. It’s quite similar to Yoast SEO in terms of tracking your keyword usage in content.

They are best suitable for online businesses, as you can use it with WooCommerce when optimizing online stores built around SEO.

  • SEOPress

SEOPress is a simple tool yet also a very powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It includes all of what you need and expects from SEO plugins such as suggestions and automated input of meta titles and descriptions, open graph support, redirects, image, and content XML sitemaps, among others.

This is a great tool made for beginners as it has navigable setups. However, experienced users can also opt for its advanced controls and how you can track keywords better to rank higher.

This is a great alternative to Yoast SEO since the premium version is a bit more affordable but still comes with similar features and keyword tracking.

  • KeywordTool.io

This is one of the most popular and FREE keyword research tools among all SEO professionals. You don’t even need to create an account for it, though you CAN subscribe to its premium version if you need its advanced features.

This tool will use Google’s auto-suggest feature for gathering keywords. Simply type in keywords and it will generate keyword ideas AND more details on it. When typing in a keyword, it also provides data such as the search volume, cost per click, as well as more data as you upgrade to its paid plan.

Wrapping It Up

Keyword research is vital if you want to increase your SEO ranking. That way, you can get more organic traffic from search results and create interesting content based on what keywords are most popular to use.

With both free and paid WordPress plugin options, you can begin creating effective SEO strategies and track keywords effectively. Check any of these plugins out and see which works best for you and your website today!

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