When Do You Need A DED Server?

The DED server stands for dedicated server and is practically a hosting package in which a single client gets access to an entire server. This is different than with the other hosting options since they are shared between different tenants. Dedicated hosting is currently one of the strongest server plans we have access to, together with cloud hosting, of course. But, do you need something as strong as DED servers?

Everything boils down to needs. Do you need a DED server? Here are the most common situations in which the answer is a positive one.

The Website Grows And Extra Traffic Needs To Be Handled

In most cases, we know when website traffic will grow in the near future. This is when it might be a good idea to make the switch. For instance, if you notice some traffic spikes and you have shared hosting, performance goes down. You are faced with really high bounce rates and revenues go down. As you notice these things, you have to migrate so that performance stays as high as it needs to be.

As a very good rule of thumb, make sure that your hosting is capable of handling traffic spikes that are 30 times higher than what you have right now. This gets the business ready for special events and promotions.

Security Is Very Important For The Site

We have to say that security is very important for absolutely all sites. However, it is particularly vital for sites that handle sensitive information like credit card numbers, confidential emails, and sensitive customer information. Such data needs to be protected from hacks, viruses, and all other potential risks.

As you use the dedicated server, you completely control security. Features can be optimized based on specific file requirements. You will be responsible for the way in which features are implemented. However, this is only due to flexibility.

There are some hosts available that give you access to semi-managed and fully-managed maintenance plans. These have to be considered in the event that you do not have the technical knowledge to take care of this yourself.

You Need Fast Page Loading

Page loading time is nowadays very important for a website. If pages load slowly, engagement metrics are low, and bounce rates are high. With the DED server, you can easily optimize page loading times. In fact, you can get the lowest rates possible if you do things right.

If you choose the shared server option, there is not much insight available because resources might be used by another user. This can easily lead to your site running slowly without you being able to do anything about it. The dedicated server guarantees you always have the needed bandwidth to enhance page loading times.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, whenever you need top performance, the DED server is the option to consider first. The other options should be taken into account only when top performance is not mandatory for the success of your business. Take the time that you need to make a final choice and consider budgets.