How to Create an Impressive Web Design

Your website is like a shop window, so it goes without saying that you want visitors to see the best of what it has to offer. However, impressive web design is about more than just it being visually appealing. Good web design ensures that visitors will enjoy spending time on your site, will become repeat users, and your site will rank highly in search results. If you are looking for tips on how to create an impressive web design, this guide shows you how.


The way your design is organized makes a big difference to the user experience. If you use a full-width layout with no sidebar, try to go for as much symmetry as you can when placing text, images, and objects. This way, you get a balanced look that is pleasing to the eye.

Grid style layouts, or columns, are great for organizing different parts of your content, helping the reader get to areas they are interested in. If you do opt to use a grid style, adhere to the rule of thirds. It could be a full-width page with three columns, or the main area with a sidebar approximately a third of the size. Aesthetically, the rule of thirds works!


It’s all very well having a website that looks the part, but if it is difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for, then they won’t stay on your site for long! Having a clear menu is essential, and you can display it in a prominent place such as a top bar, a drop-down menu, or category icons on your homepage.

You can also have tags at the end of every piece of content to describe it, so when visitors click on the tag, it takes them to a list of pages on your website that contain more information on the subject. What’s more, a search box is also helpful to visitors who are looking for information to do with a single topic.


Choose a simple colour palette and use it to develop a brand feel for your website. Too many colours will create a messy look, yet choosing just two or three shades that complement each other will bring a cohesive feeling that visitors will be able to recognize as your brand.


How does your content look on the page? The secret to any good web design is not to be afraid of white space. In fact, white space is your friend! It can be tempting to fill up your website with items, but having plenty of space around your text helps it to stand out. An uncluttered look for your site means that readers are not distracted, allowing you to get your message across effectively. Ensure you enlist the help of expert content writing to create engaging, interesting copy for every page of your site.

Impressive web design relies upon a combination of factors, and getting it right can make all the difference for retaining visitors. If you want visitors to enjoy being on your website, or if you hope to convert them into customers for your business, then you need to make a good impression. Start implementing these basic design tips, and you will see more time spent on pages and a lower bounce rate.