Top 5 Skills You Need To Be a Successful Web Designer

If you want to work in web design, the good news is that there are likely many opportunities for you to pursue. Whether you want to launch your own web design business or find a position in an established company, you can have an excellent chance of success with the right skills and training. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in web design, here are some of the vital skills you need to be successful in the industry.

1. Creativity and Visual Design

Your goal is to translate a client’s vision and company information into a beautiful, professional website that engages visitors and improves the client’s overall image. It’s a task that requires a good amount of creative problem-solving along with a keen eye for artistic elements and balance.

However, merely having this artistic vision isn’t enough to be a successful web designer. You must have the technical skills to use software, code, and digital tools to apply those design elements to a website. Typography, color theory, site organization, proportions, and alignment are just some of the areas you need to know in order to create an attractive and functional website.


While there are many web design software programs and plug-ins that allow you to interact and make changes through graphical user interfaces, it’s imperative to have a working knowledge of HyperText Markup Language coding as well. Not only does knowing HTML give you complete freedom when designing a site, it can also make the whole process more efficient than relying on GUIs in software programs. Having strong HTML skills can help you separate yourself from the crowd of other hopeful web designers competing for the same clients.

3. CSS

A companion to HTML, Cascading Style Sheets is another type of code that ensures the web pages you design appear how you want when viewed on browsers. You need to make sure that your client’s vision is exactly what visitors to the website see, so knowing how to use CSS effectively gives you the tools to modify fonts, colors, graphics, and other visual elements.

4. Social Media Marketing

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, so you need to make sure your client’s websites are designed for seamless social media engagement. You should understand the ins and outs of social media marketing in order to help your clients maximize their online presence. Additionally, knowing how to effectively market services on social media can make it easier for you to reach and land new customers for your web design services.

5. Communication and Flexibility

Even though you will likely be working with the technical side of coding and developing websites, you need to have the communication skills to talk with your clients in nontechnical terminology. It’s also essential to be flexible with a willingness to telecommute, keep nontraditional office hours, and maybe even relocate to IT-centric areas. A search of web design jobs seattle shows just how many opportunities exist if you are willing to consider moving.

If you have excellent artistic instincts and a strong understanding of technical areas such as typography, color palettes, and website hierarchy, a career in web design could be perfect. Prepare to impress potential employers and clients by honing your HTML and CSS skills and studying social media marketing.