Starting a Blog to Promote a Web Design Business

Starting a blog is an excellent idea for a person who has a small business in website design. It could be a fabulous tool for getting the word out about one’s products and services. Getting started will require the person to take the following steps:

Choosing a Blogging Platform

One of the first steps that the web designer will need to make is choosing the best blogging platform. This is the place where the person will create and post the blogs. WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Blogger and Weebly are just examples of some. The interested person will have to compare the sites to decide which one is best for his or her endeavors. Research and comparison are necessary to know how to choose a blogging platform.

Choosing a Domain Name

Next, the individual will want to choose and register a domain name that jives with his or her business. The web addresses that blogging sites issue are usually long and not very memorable. It’s a good idea for a business owner to invest in his own personal domain name. It should be relevant, short, and super-easy to remember.

Web Design for a Designer

It may sound strange for a web designer to need web design services, but sometimes an outside perspective is helpful. The person may want to get a fresh opinion on what he or she can do to improve the visibility and the adhesiveness of the new website blog so that more conversions can occur. A web designer can look at the navigation, the color scheme, and the ease-of-use factor and then give the individual some insight on those aspects.

SEO and Responsive Design

Search engine optimization and responsive design are two tools that a website cannot survive without these days. Therefore, the business owner will have to invest in them. SEO services are tricks and strategies that help a website to stand out on the Google search engine so that people can see it. Specialists work hard to increase visibility for their clients. A responsive web design is one that responds and adapts to the device that the viewer uses. Such designs will make the website viewable for anyone who wants to see it no matter what device the person is using. It’s important for a blog to be a mobile-friendly blog because of the vast number of people who have mobile devices.

Creating Your Content

Content is king, so creating fresh, enticing and alluring content is a must for any business that wants to succeed. The writing mechanics have to be good, but the content must also have a flavor that tastes sweet enough to make the reader react with a purchase or a subscription. The web design business owner may want to hire a content creation company to ensure that the material is up to par with current standards. Alternatively, the individual may want to create his own content, but he must be able to make it jump off the page.

Those are just a few steps that a website designer would need to take before he would create a blog for his services. He should see great success if he does it that way.