Mistakes Made When Designing A Business Website

Building a perfect business website is different than a personal site or something that would serve another purpose. Business sites are built with exact goals in mind. In order to meet those goals you need to make sure that you respect industry standards. At the same time, you have to avoid specific mistakes, which we are going to talk about below.

Overly Complicated Navigation Menu

A business site can easily become pretty large. Site owners might want to add various different categories and it seems like it is common to just add a lot of content in the menu part of the site. This is never a good idea. Simplifying the navigation menu should be a priority for the designer. Always find the simplest way to arrange information, one that is natural and that can help the visitor to quickly find the content that is desired. Also, be sure that the navigation menu also includes a Search feature. People rarely have the time to go through all the sections and might want to just perform a search.

Hard To Find Contact Information

Whenever a great business website is built, it has a really clear contact information page. This is something that is needed since potential partners and customers will surely want to get in touch. Always be sure that you create a simple but filled contact information page that features all the ways in which a company can be contacted. Also, this page has to be clearly visible in the top of the site or at the very bottom.

Using Images That Are Too Large

When we say large we mean file size. It is really important that you use images of a high resolution but they need to be properly optimized for web use. That is especially the case when the hosting package is a shared one.

Website load speed is vital for the success of a business website. This is mainly because most of the users are going to use mobile devices in order to browse. If you only use images that are really large you end up drastically increasing loading time.

Not Highlighting Useful Information

It is really tempting to focus on the business but people do not visit the website because of that. They want to find some sort of information. Not highlighting that information is a really big design mistake. As an example, let’s say we talk about a personal finance services business that creates a very good personal finance guide. This guide should be clearly showcased as it is helpful for visitors. Simply putting it on a random page inside the navigation menu is not a good idea.

Final Thoughts

When you design a business website, the focus should be on the visitor and what he/she wants to find. In many cases we see businesses just showcase the blog posts they have because of this. Always avoid the highlighted mistakes above and focus on a design that is simple and loads really fast. Never complicate things or you would not have a good design.